Kolintang Music

Our popular traditional music ready to perform in Indonesian and Australian community events.

Kolintang is a traditional (an ancient) music instrument originated from Minahasa, North Sulawesi Indonesia.

It is made from light but solid wood in the log forms with particular sizes. It has a series of wooden bars (look much like the xylophone bars) placed side by side in parallel lines which are mounted on a wooden frame with the support of four wooden pillars.

Kolintang has a unique sound which comes from striking the bars/the keys. It is played by striking the bars with two or three wooden (padded) beaters.

The player stands to play the Kolintang and faces the center of the instrument. See an image of the original Kolintang here and listen one of popular folk songs played by Kolintang now!

Contact us if you're interested in joining our Kolintang group or want us to perform in your event.